Maintenance Tips for Dual Motor Electric Scooter Tires

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Dual Motor Electric Scooter Tires

When we think about the maintenance of our dual-motor electric scooters, we somehow bypass the maintenance of our tires. For most of us washing/cleaning our e-scooters counts for enough maintenance. While it may seem relatively insignificant when compared to other electrical and mechanical maintenance.

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Maintenance of your tires is a BIG DEAL.

You shouldn’t trivialize the maintenance of your tires. After putting in the hard work to choose the best brake combo for your scooter, a poor tire can cause an accident. You’re jeopardizing your safety if you do not perform routine maintenance on your tires.

Now, I know you may be lost on how to properly maintain your dual motor e-scooter tires, but we have got you covered.

Let’s get you Started

Preventive Vs. Corrective Maintenance. The trick is, good preventive maintenance practice would make you avoid corrective maintenance. The overall preventive maintenance of your scooter goes beyond the tires. It is subdivided into maintaining electrical and mechanical parts.

Perks of preventive maintenance is that your electric scooter is up to par always, and you would avert costly corrective maintenance or total destruction of your electric scooter. You also may be saving yourself from danger by ensuring routine checkups (preventive maintenance) on your e-scooter.

  • Preventive maintenance for electrical parts cuts across the following parts: electric motor, throttle, fuses, switches, charger, controller, and batteries.
  • Preventive maintenance for mechanical partscuts across the following parts: brakes, tires, wheels, and other parts of your scooter.


Our focus is on the tires of dual motor electric scooters. Before the maintenance of your tires, you need to understand your scooter tires’ uniqueness. This would prompt us to delve into the subject of….

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Types of Dual Motor Electric Scooter Tires

Understanding the different types of Dual Motor Electric scooter tires would help you efficiently deploy the maintenance tips we will discuss in a later section.

Just so you know, there are two types of dual motor e-scooter tires: Pneumatic (air-filled) tires and solid (airless) tires. Pneumatic tires can either be tubeless or inner tube tires. Solid tires can either be air pockets/honeycomb or filled tires.

Which is Better?

Overall pneumatic tires are better than solid tires. They are made from supple rubber and are commonly used for vehicles and bikes. The tubeless tires use an air-tight rim, while the inner tube tires use a tube with a protruding valve (common in bicycles).

To repair tubeless tires, you’d have to detach the tire from the scooter, but inner tube tires do not need to be detached. Simply separate the tire from the rim. This is a significant advantage/disadvantage that separates them.

Solid tires do not have tubes; they are made from rubber or solid polyurethane foam filling material. These tires wear and tear more quickly because of the friction generated during motion. Compared to solid tires, pneumatic tires have a longer life span and are more expensive. Solid tires are heavier and resistant to puncture. This means they can never have a flat tire.

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Why is tire maintenance important?

The only explanation for the frequent flat tire you experience is poor maintenance or a poor tire. Dual motor electric scooters have a tire size that is usually small relative to the weight of riders. This is why quality, strong, and properly maintained tires must be used. The balance and speed you enjoy while riding also depends on your tires.

Good tires guarantee efficient performance irrespective of rough terrains. Even better, you have a better grip in wet or slippery conditions.

Where do you start off with Tire maintenance?

  1. Buy the Right Type of Tires.

Preferably choose quality pneumatic tires with size and surface that work for your needs. The wider the diameter of your tire, the more likely it can go over obstacles.

The stability of your e-scooter is directly proportional to the width of your tire. Also, ensure that your tire tread (surface) is adaptable for the terrain you frequently ride. Smooth threads are suitable for paved roads and off-road threads for rough terrains.

  1. Check Tire Pressure Periodically

The tire pressure determines how fast and how far you can go. This explains why it’s essential to frequently check your tire’s pressure.

We have a problem….

What’s a good pressure for your tire? How much should you inflate your tires? Let’s say your tire has a pressure range of 35-45 psi. A light rider should use 36-37 psi and a heavy rider 42-43 psi.

A caution: Whatever you do, do not go above the max pressure recommended by your manufacturer.

Moderate pressure is a safe place compared to lower or higher pressure. At lower pressure, you would experience the following; speed is lower, wear and tear of the tire are high, the battery is used up faster, more rolling resistance, and the likelihood of a damaged rim.

The ride would be uncomfortable at higher pressure, and the odds are high your tire could burst while you ride. Other downsides include wear and tear, and driving through corners is dangerous.

  1. Determining when your tires are due for a change.

How long do you need to use a tire before changing it? Maybe after 25,000 miles.

There’s no hard and fast rule to it, but generally, after 1000 miles is good enough time to change your tires. This is largely dependent on the present state of your tires and the terrains you’d use them for in the future. Another exception is the recommendation of your manufacturer and how frequently or hard you have used the existing tires.

Depending on the terrain, you frequently thread. It’s important to check the tire surface to ensure they give you the grip you need for your rides. The rear tire takes more of your weight than the front. It’s good maintenance practice to occasionally interchange the front and back tires to ensure even wear out your tires.

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Let's Wrap it Up

Your tires can be the difference between a safe and dangerous ride. You must ensure you keep up good preventive maintenance practices to keep them in good shape. Buy the right set of tires, check your tire pressure before every ride, and determine when your tire is due for a change.Thumbs up!

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