Are electric balance scooters and dual motor electric scooters the same kind of toy products?

Many users think that electric balance scooters and dual motor electric scooters are the same kinds of products; both belong to the toy category. Is it right?

The answer is: No, electric balance scooter and dual motor electric scooter are different categories of products; the dual motor electric scooter does not belong to the toy category products, from the product working principle, price, performance parameters, road passability, range, driving difficulty, etc. can explain the two products belong to different kinds of products, electric balance scooter tends to indoor toy products, while electric scooter tends to short distance Electric scooters tend to be short-haul, long-haul and off-road mobility products.

For short-distance travel, there are many mobility tools to choose from, such as electric scooters, electric scooters, electric balance scooters, bicycles, etc. Electric scooters and electric balance bikes are hot nowadays; what is the difference between them?

1、The working principle is different

1.1 Electric scooter, using the theory of human movement and clever mechanics, mainly using the body (waist and hips), feet twisting and hand swing to drive forward.

It is based on the design of traditional scooters, more for daily life mobility, electric scooters have single motor small power electric scooter and double motor high power electric scooter.

1.2 Electric balance scooter, based on the basic principle of “dynamic stability”, uses the gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the body, and combines servo system and motor to keep the balance of the system.

There are two types of electric balance car: one-wheeled and two-wheeled, which can be used for indoor short-distance walking and recreation, but also play other roles, such as as security tools.

2、Price difference

Electric scooters, currently on the market, generally range in price from $300 to $6,000, which is more expensive compared to electric balance scooters.

Electric balance car, the current market price generally ranges from $80 to $500.

3、There are differences in performance

3.1, balance car, defined as a toy product, motor power is generally in 150W-250W, poor performance, to meet the use of qualified.

3.2, low-power electric scooter, defined as a toy and short-distance mobility tools, motor power, is generally in 200W-35W, general performance, to meet the user short-distance mobility.

3.3, dual-motor high-power electric scooter, really defined as a mobility tool and extreme player’s seat, motor power is 2000W-5000W, with strong power output, the highest speed up to 130KM/H (FIDICO LK13 as an example).



4.1, The wheel size of the one-wheeled electric balance bike can reach 15 inches or more, which can adapt to many types of road conditions and has unique advantages in passability. Two-wheeled electric balance scooters have large and small wheel sizes, so their passability varies.

4.2, The tire size of single-motor, low-power electric scooters is generally no more than 10 inches, which is still relatively easy in the face of general city roads. Still, when it comes to poor road conditions, the passing situation is not ideal, and you have to be extra careful when driving.

4.3, Dual-motor high-power electric scooter tire size is generally 10 inch and 11 inch, individual manufacturers with strength will produce 13-inch electric scooter (FIDICO’s LK13 model is the use of 13-inch tires, speed up to 130KM / H), can be due to 95% of the city roads and off-road roads.

img20211101142655 01
FIDICO BK11-Off-road testing

5. Endurance

Single-wheeled electric balance scooter is better than single-motor low-power electric scooter with the same battery capacity; dual-motor high-power electric scooter is better than balance scooter and single-motor low-power electric scooter in terms of range.

6、Driving difficulty

The driving of electric scooters is similar to electric bicycles, and the smoothness is better than electric bicycles, and the driving difficulty is less.

Single-wheeled electric balance scooter, driving difficulty is greater; but the driving difficulty of two-wheeled electric balance scooter is reduced.

At present, the dual-motor high-power electric scooter is more and more popular among users, with strong power, strong range and strong performance.

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