FIDICO Distributor Services

Part I: Before you become a FIDICO distributor

First of all, you must know some things about the brand FIDICO, crazy is FIDICO's favorite food, different is FIDICO's favorite clothes, " we just want to do something crazy " is the motto of FIDICO's life!

Who can become a FIDICO dealer:

1、 Person with relevant electric scooter product distribution and working experience.

2、People with certain capital and certain sales channels.

3、People who are willing to develop the market together with FIDICO.

PS: Dealer review process

We will review your suitability to become a FIDICO dealer from a fair and transparent perspective. We will evaluate from the following dimensions:

1、Market position, market volume, competitors, sales level, etc. of electric scooters in your country and region.

2、Whether there are already FIDICO dealers in your country and region.

3、Do you have enough confidence that you want to become a FIDICO dealer.

Part II: After becoming a FIDICO distributor

Once FIDICO signs a distribution agreement with a distributor, FIDICO will treat the distributor as its own sales team and will do its best to assist the distributor with product training, marketing training, after-sales service, and assist the distributor in obtaining the incentives offered by FIDICO.

Product training and after-sales service

1、After signing the dealer agreement, FIDICO will provide complete marketing materials such as product videos and pictures to assist dealers to understand the products as soon as possible.

2、After the dealer places an order, FIDICO will send out certain accessories.

3、The product’s accessories will be updated will be the first time to notify you and sent to you for replacement.                 

4、FIDICO’s after-sales team and engineers will organize the product after-sales operation guide to provide maintenance and after-sales service for dealers at any time.

Marketing and sales support services

Chinese factories, especially electric scooter product factories, cannot provide marketing and sales support for dealers. However, FIDICO will provide dealers with marketing strategies, marketing materials, and other services needed for marketing, including the following.

1、Official website design: Professional official website design, according to the characteristics of the local market, for the dealer to make the official website in line with the local market.

2、Marketing materials: FIDICO will analyze the hobby elements of the local market, organize the product pictures, poster design, and videos that meet the local market demand, and send them to the distributors together to assist them in marketing.

3、Google promotion funds support: FIDICO will arrange a fixed amount of monthly promotion funds to help dealers to promote the local FIDICO official website, to assist dealers in brand promotion.

4、Digital marketing: FIDICO’s international marketing team will assist dealers to develop personalized marketing strategies and promotional programs.

Part III: Benefits for FIDICO Distributors

Become a FIDICO distributor and gain more wealth

1、Development Prospects: From Google data and data from various platforms, it is now that high-speed electric scooters have taken the United States and European countries by storm, and the sales data from these countries have proven that the industry is healthy and the market outlook is showing a very good trend.

2、Electric scooters are suitable for coronavirus commuting: In the case of coronavirus 2020, people in many countries cannot take public transportation, such as subways and buses. Compared with the high price of cars and congested roads, electric scooters are the best transportation for short-distance transportation.

3, FIDICO’s product line is specialized, we concentrate on research and development and production of high-speed class personalized products, in the global market, FIDICO products do not have homogeneous products to do a competition, product design in line with contemporary aesthetics, in addition, our products have been certified by many markets, with more than 40 patented technology. It is one of the very few electric scooter manufacturers with the spirit of product “craftsmanship”.

4、FIDICO’s product lines include dual motor electric scooters, high range electric bikes, dual motor high speed electric bikes, and electric motorcycles, with a wide range of products to meet the needs of each market.

5、FIDICO is one of the very few companies that will provide marketing support for dealers. In terms of producing marketing strategies, posters, pictures, and video marketing tools, we provide comprehensive assistance for dealers’ Facebook, YouTube, and other social media marketing, so that dealers can have lower operating costs and higher profits.

6、FIDICO has developed a comprehensive incentive mechanism for dealers, mainly from the videos and photos provided by dealers as a condition of reward, to create more profit margin for dealers.

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FIDICO will send you the distributor information within 6 hours.

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FIDICO will send you product information within 6 hours