Warranty & After Sales Service

Thank you sincerely for choosing FIDICO products. We have a reliable team in place to provide better quality after-sales service. The specific warranty details are as follows:

  • The warranty application must be made during the warranty period. If the defect is not reported within this period, the components will not be covered by warranty. Replacement parts may still be purchased.
  • The warranty period starts from the date the customer receives the scooter and ends when it expires. 
  • Please note that the warranty qualification is not transferable and is reserved for the original buyer (the recipient of the order) only. The warranty expires when you resell or transfer the scooter to someone else.
  • If you purchased a scooter from a dealer, please contact the dealer for warranty service.
Accessory Quality Issue Guarantee Period
Motor Out of service 12 months
Controller Break down under normal use 6 months
Battery Unable to recharge under normal use 6 months
Display + throttle Damaged under normal use 6 months
Charger Break down under normal use 6 months
LED Front Light Damaged under normal use 6 months
Acrylics Rear Light Damaged under normal use 6 months
Body Structure Deformation under normal use or breakage 6 months

Any defect report must include an image or video that proves the existence of the defect. Please submit a ‘Product Issue Request’ by contacting our support team via Live Chat or email at support@fidicospeed.com Our engineering team will review the request and attempt to get back to you within two business days.

The following terms are beyond the scope of warranty:

  • Malfunction due to misuse.
  • Malfunction caused by unauthorized modifications, disassembly, or repair.
  • Accidental damage or malfunction due to unsuitable storage (battery capacity below 75% at room temperature).
  • Unmatched warranty or proof of purchase.
  • Normal wear and tear of all components, including screws, loss of screws, and stripped screws due to over-forcing.
  • Rusting, blemishes, loss of color due to environmental exposure over time of usage.
  • Damage or malfunction caused by riding in the rain or soaking in water, improper charging, power surges, or aftermarket chargers.

After-sales service starts from the date of receipt

  • If a problem occurs within 7 days after receiving the goods, the seller will cover all shipping costs associated with returning the goods or possibly ship replacement parts directly to you ASAP.
  • Within 90 days after receipt, each side will pay their part of the transportation costs.
  • For products under the 1-year warranty, but over 90 days since receipt, the buyer covers the shipping costs.
  • For product repairs exceeding the 1-year warranty period, the buyer covers all shipping costs and corresponding maintenance costs.

* This warranty agreement is effective from March 1, 2023.

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