Are our 60V electric scooters and 72V
electric scooters the same?

Many dual motor electric scooter enthusiasts often question, is a 60V electric scooter the same as a 72V electric scooter?

The answer is: not the same, 60V and 72V electric scooter motor power, driving speed, driving kilometres, body configuration, brake configuration these aspects are different, 72V electric scooter than 60V electric scooter speed faster, more power, the body needs to be heavier, shock absorption needs to be stronger, the brake system needs to be more professional.

From the perspective of electrical energy utilization efficiency

scooters with high voltage are better. The battery itself has an internal resistance; the higher the discharge current, the greater the energy consumption. The controller also consumes more energy when the wind is higher. In the motor to get the same power, the higher voltage can be smaller current, so that it can reduce the battery itself and the controller energy consumption so that the overall power utilization efficiency is improved.

The following are the specific differences.

1、Different capacity. The rated current is 20A as the standard; according to the electric power formula P = U × I, we can get: 72Vx20A = 1440W, 60Vx20A = 1220W, P is the total power (battery capacity), You is the rated voltage, I is the rated current. The rated voltage of 72V scooter capacity is 220W higher than the rated voltage of 60V scooter capacity.

2. The rated voltage is different. The A-rated voltage of 72V, another rated voltage of 60V, in order to adapt to different motors.

3, driving speed is different. According to the electric power formula P = U × I, the higher the voltage, the greater the work done, and the faster the scooter driving speed.

4, the driving range is different. According to Joule’s law Q = I2Rt, the current flowing through the conductor will heat up; that is, the greater the current, the greater the heat will be, so that the energy waste will be more.

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