How far can electric scooter go

Some electric scooters range from 15-30 miles on a charge, while others may go 60-80 miles or more. 

Note that several things might diminish an electric scooter’s range. Due to the extra energy needed to power the scooter in hilly or cold weather, the range may be limited. The scooter’s range may also decrease if the rider is overweight or forcefully accelerates or brakes.

Are electric scooter good for long rides

Electric scooters are easy and eco-friendly for short to medium-distance travel, however, they may not be ideal for long-distance rides. Consider these factors when choosing an electric scooter for extended rides:


  1. Range: As noted, the electric scooter range depends on the model and other factors. Some electric scooters can travel 60–80 miles on a single charge, but others have a limited range. Consider the electric scooter’s range and whether it’s enough for your planned distances. 
  2. Comfort: Electric scooters’ narrow wheels and lack of suspension can make long-distance trips uncomfortable. Scooters with larger wheels and suspension may be more comfortable for long rides. 
  3. Speed: Electric scooters have a top speed of 20-30 mph, which may be too slow for highway or crowded road travel. A motorcycle or automobile may be ideal for faster or longer trips. 
  4. Weather: Heavy rain or snow may make electric scooters unsuitable. Long-distance electric scooter trips may be unreliable in adverse weather.

When it comes to transportation, electric scooters can be a practical and environmentally friendly solution for shorter distances, but they may not be the ideal option for longer journeys. You should carefully think about the range, comfort, speed, and weather conditions of an electric scooter if you plan on using it for long-distance trips.

Can you improve the range of an electric scooter

  1. Use large battery: An electric scooter’s range can be significantly increased by upgrading to a larger battery. If the scooter’s battery is larger, it will be able to store more energy and travel further between charges. However, larger batteries may add weight to the scooter, which may compromise its performance and handling.
  2. Reduce weight of the scooter: The range of an electric scooter can be increased in several ways, one of which is by reducing the scooter’s weight. Since it takes less energy for a lighter scooter to move, it can travel further on a single charge. Taking things like extra bags and accessories off the scooter might help lighten it.
  3. Optimize tire pressure: Increase your electric scooter’s range by keeping the tires properly inflated. Reduced scooter range due to increased rolling resistance caused by underinflated tires.
  4. Use efficient motor: Some electric scooters have higher powerful motors that can increase their range. Scooter range can be improved by using motors with better efficiency ratings, which convert more of the battery’s energy into usable power.
  5. Use eco mode feature: Many electric scooters have a “eco” mode or other power-saving capabilities that can be used to increase the scooter’s range. In order to conserve energy and extend the scooter’s operating range, these features often cap its top speed or power output.
  6. Charge regularly: You may get more mileage from your electric scooter if you keep the battery in good condition by charging it regularly. Be sure to completely charge the battery before each ride so you can enjoy the full range of your vehicle.


Keep in mind that the electric scooter’s range is affected by several variables and that the distance you can go may vary depending on the scooter model and the environmental circumstances.

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