How to do quality inspection of dual motor electric scooter

What comes to your mind when you hear quality inspection? You guessed right; it’s a thorough assessment of the dual motor electric scooter or any product during and after production. Quality inspection of dual motor electric scooters is essential to ensure suppliers/manufacturers do not release defective products; hence buyers do not buy faulty products.

As much as I’d love to assume you know what a dual motor electric scooter is, it wouldn’t hurt to go over such minor detail that could help any newbie get along with this piece. A dual-motor electric scooter has two motors, one either in the front or rear wheel of both wheels. They are high-powered e-scooters because they use two engines for motion.

Dual motor electric scooters are usually faster and equipped for riders with more mobility demands than basic e-scooters. These scooter is pricy and uses more efficient motors.

Two Types of Dual Motor E Scooter Quality Inspection

  1. Quality Inspection by the Manufacturer
  2. Quality Inspection by the Consumer 

A quality inspection happens at both the consumer and production levels. Of course, the quality inspection at production levels is more thorough. It’s often challenging for customers to grasp quality inspection at this level because it’s technical. Only consumers who understand the supply chain and production process can relate to quality inspection at this level.

At the production level, quality inspection varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Irrespective, it would include at least two of four quality inspection stages.

  • The first stage of quality inspection is when materials sourced from manufacturers for production undergo a quality check. These raw materials may be finished products that need assemblage or may still need to undergo factory processes.
  • The second quality inspection stage is when materials undergo a quality inspection at the factory level. It is mainly for products that need further processing in the factory.
  • The third stage is the quality inspection of a ready dual motor electric scooter. After assembling and putting all parts, the manufacturer performs an assessment to see that all things are in place and working.
  • The fourth stage involves testing and driving these e-scooter samples to ensure that they perform up to expectations as detailed in the product manual. For some other producers, it’s more about quality inspection ahead of shipping and ensuring these e-scooters are delivered without damage.

Three Essential Aspects of Production Quality Inspection

Usually, producers pay attention to these three parts of a dual motor electric scooter during the quality inspection process. These parts are; the motor controller, motor, and batteries.

The Battery

Undoubtedly, other parts of the e-scooters are significant; all components work together for the overall functioning of the e-scooter. Still, the battery requires special attention and testing to confirm safety and performance. The battery of a dual motor electric scooter determines the range of the e-scooter. Even worse, an explosion is inevitable if the chemistry and temperature are wrong.

Samsung, LG, and Panasonic produce the best batteries, but they can be pricy, which is why many manufacturers opt for Chinese manufacturers instead. The major difference between these groups of brands is quality and stability. You can check the battery to ensure it’s a manufacturer known for producing quality products.

It may help your purchase decision to further research battery certificates. Certificates assure you of quality and safety of products or materials used in making the battery. There are several battery certificates (regulated internationally and nationally) to ensure that your battery is hazard-free, safe, and meets basic quality requirements. Common battery certificates include UN 38.3, MSDS, and EN62133.

  • EN62133 is a standardization requirement for rechargeable batteries,
  • MSDS certifies that the source material (chemicals) used in the production of batteries are safe and hazard-free.
  • UN38.3 is an international safety standard certificate.

In addition, experts advise that imported batteries are ony worth considering when they have the necessary certificates to ascertain their performance and adaptability to your local temperatures. Therefore, sometimes buying batteries produced locally may be more cost-effective.

The Motor Controller and Motor

The motor controller is the brain box of the dual motor scooter. It controls the electrical parts and ensures the transmission of electrical energy for motion. A faulty motor controller would significantly affect other electrical parts of the dual motor electric scooter.

Usually, dual motor electric scooters use brushless DC motors. They are quieter and more efficient in converting mechanical energy in the motor to electrical energy. The more power a motor has, the better the speed and ability to carry load.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t confuse peak power with the sustainable power of a dual motor electric scooter or any scooter. The peak power is often unrealistic, as it would significantly mount pressure which may be detrimental to the dual motor electric scooter.

Performing Quality Inspection as a Consumer

Enough of discussing quality inspection at the manufacturer’s level, let’s talk about how you undertake the quality inspection of your dual motor electric scooter.

First, it’s important to note that the quality inspection from the manufacturer’s end is indispensable. Your quality inspection is about double-checking that the dual motor electric scooter works and you’re getting the most value for your money. Quality inspection for consumers happens at the point of purchase. To perform a quality inspection on your dual motor electric scooter, do this:

Check the Charging Ports.

Check the charging port to ensure the manufacturer firmly placed it and that it has a secure cover. Afterward, plug the charger in to ensure it’s working. Depending on the scooter type and as detailed in the product manual, a red light should signify that the e-scooter is charging.

Plug the charger for a while to be sure that the charger provides a boost to the battery. Ensuring the charger is working is important because your e-scooter can be useless when you can’t get it charged.

Turn on The Electrical Scooter

Check the lights, the dashboards, and other parts that need an electric supply. Turn on your dual motor electrical scooter to ensure all electrical parts work. For example, the light on the dashboard, behind, and around the e-scooter should come on immediately after you ignite the engine.

Check the Tires

Whether you use pneumatic tires or solid tires, check to see that your tires are in good shape. Solid tires are tricky; there’s no way to know they are defective or terrible until you start using them. Nevertheless, check them to ascertain that they are physically in good shape. Pneumatic tires are either tubeless or have an inner tube.

Check to see that the tires are properly inflated. Depending on your manufacturer’s standard, tire pressure may differ. Still, we expect each tire to be at 45 psi (check the product manual for specifications). Another essential part of your inspection is the tire valve caps. These caps protect the valve from dust, air, or anything that can damage the valve. Check to see they are present, secure, and positioned where they ought to be.

Check Wheels and Brakes

Spin both wheels to ensure that they have the correct resistance. Check the brake levers to be sure they work for both the rear and front tires. Double-check the brake levers to confirm if there are any leakages. If there is, then the brakes are faulty.

Whenever you apply the brakes, there should be a display on the dashboard of your dual-motor electric scooter. For some e-scooters, an exclamation mark appears when you apply the brakes (check your product manual to confirm your display).

Check the Stem

Check the stem of your dual motor electric scooter to be sure that they are no scratches and that they tightly attached all screws to their positions. Double-check that they tightly fixed screws at major points of attachment and the handlebar. Below the display, there’s an eco turbo and a single-dual button. The single-dual button activates and deactivates the front motor when necessary.

Check for Certificates

Your quality inspection may be right, but you still end up with a faulty one. To help your purchase, you should pay attention to the next discussion which is certificate.

As earlier mentioned, certificates are essential in your quality inspection of any dual motor electric scooter. You should pay attention to two types of certifications: safety certificates and quality certificates.

International, national, and local authorities regulate certificates. There’s a global standard for electronics and electronic products that manufacturers must adhere that to Any dual motor electric scooter that doesn’t conform to these standards is not fit for use. It puts lives and properties at risk. Ola Electric scooters, an Indian company, recalled 1,400 of their scooters because they were defective. For some reason, they caused fire outbreaks and put life and properties in danger.

The International Electrical Commission (IEC) regulates the universal standard for electronics and electrical products worldwide. At the national level, regulatory bodies set standards depending on the specific environmental requirements in the country.Certificates depend on the country where your manufacturer produces or assembles your dual motor electric scooter. There are international as well as local certificates to assure quality and safety of the product you’re buying.

A report stating laboratory tests always accompanies a certificate and results to confirm that they meet local and international regulations or standardization requirements. Ensure you research quality or safety certificates for your manufacturer before deciding to make a purchase.

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Things to Consider Before Quality Inspection is in the Picture

When you want to buy a dual scooter, you should consider the range, waterproof, motor size, speed, tires, riders’ weight, brakes, suspension, weight, warranty, amongst other things.

Let’s discuss some of these factors‌:

  • Always decide to stick with a manufacturer who has a warranty. The best electric scooters often need routine maintenance. Purchasing a scooter with a guarantee, saves you unnecessary expenses and possible replacement if the product is defective.
  • Next, the motor size determines how much power you get from the motor of your e-scooter. Motor power ranges from 250-5000 watts. The more range and rough terrain you’d frequently ply through, the more power you need.
  • More power doesn’t mean more efficiency; two motors rated at the same power may perform differently. This is largely because of the differences in their mechanics. Using more energy-efficient mechanics would deliver more efficiency to the motor.
  • As per the range, the range of e-scooters is always advertised. If you want more range, buy scooters with a better range (as detailed in the product manual or advert copy). It is important to note that the range detailed in the product is the assumed range (provided your battery is fully charged). You’d get a lesser range every time your battery is not fully charged.
  • Not all e-scooters are waterproof. It should be a priority to purchase e-scooters that are waterproof. You’d often use your dual motor scooter outdoors, and an e-scooter that’s not waterproof is prone to malfunction or the rain may damage.
  • The rider’s weight affects the speed and efficiency of the motor. A basic e-scooter carries weight between 100 – 120Kg. If you weigh more than this, you’d need an e-scooter with a higher speed limit to ensure your e-scooter still functions maximally. The weight of your scooter is also worth considering. If you need a light e-scooter you can carry around, choose a light e-scooter. Nonetheless, it is important to note a heavy e-scooter always have better range and speed.

  • The suspension and brakes of your e-scooter are also important. For rough and rugged terrains, you need very strong suspensions. Disc brakes are the best brakes system; having it as a combo or only brake is efficient for your dual motor electric scooter.

Wrapping It Up

The quality inspection of dual motor electric scooters is important as it determines the aftermath experience of purchasing a dual motor electric scooter. Quality inspection isn’t sufficient to make a significant purchase decision. You must factor in other considerations as detailed in this article.

Good luck!

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