How to improve the output power and efficiency of motors?

What are the ways to improve the output power and efficiency of motors?

The motor of an electric scooter has everything to do with your bike’s speed, power, and efficiency. You can not get more power or speed beyond the capacity of your motor.

What if there’s something you could do to get more power from your electric scooter? It could be the difference between buying a higher-power electric scooter or upgrading your electric scooter’s motor.

What’s a motor’s power/Output?

Your electric motor’s output or power is usually stated in the manual that comes with the machine. The power is the potential resident in your electric scooter to do work. The output is how much power is expended when the motor is at work.  

Usually, the power and output of your motor provided by the manufacturer are theoretical. This is because of friction, wear, and tear in your motor while it works.

How about a Motor’s Efficiency?

A motor’s efficiency is the ratio of mechanical power delivered in the form of the motor’s output versus the electrical power supplied to the motor. Put simply, output/input * 100%.

A motor’s efficiency can never be 100% because energy is lost in converting electrical energy to mechanical energy in the electric scooter motor. A motor with 90% efficiency uses up 90% of the power supplied to work, and 10% is lost as heat, friction, or wear and tear during conversion.

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Tips to Increase Electric scooter motor’s output and efficiency

It’s possible to improve the overall performance of your scooter by upgrading your scooter’s motor. Usually, you’d be clamoring for an upgrade either because your e-scooter moves slowly or doesn’t give you sufficient output (speed/power) you desire.

Some folks don’t know that their scooter is in a slow mode, so they seek to improve the efficiency/output of the motor. Before you consider an upgrade, you’d want to check whether your electric scooter is in a slow mode or optimal mode.

How do you do this? If you find out your scooter is unusually slow, it may be in a locked mode to comply with local laws and regulations. To fix this, connect the electric scooter to the mobile app and set up your profile.

Most modern electric scooters toggle between speed modes by double/triple tapping the power button on the app. If this doesn’t work for you, check the closest manufacturer//repair shop or search online for how to toggle driving modes on your e-scooter.

Also, a poorly charged battery could be why the output and efficiency of your electric scooter motor are average. A fully charged battery means more output and efficiency for your motor. It would also be a significant improvement to get high-power batteries with low internal resistance. You either increase the number of your battery cells or get a new battery with more power than your previous battery.

Now, To The Motor Tips For Improving Your Car

How’s this session different from the previous? It entails definite tips directly concerned with your motor, not the battery or your setup profile.

Be warned that improving the performance of your motor would mean losing the warranty. The odds also exist that you damage the scooter by making it perform more than the manufacturer designed it for. Whatever you do, exercise caution and discretion where necessary pre-upgrade and post-upgrade.

Definite tips to tweak your motor that would improve its output and efficiency include:

  •  Get rid of the speed limit.

Every scooter has a speed limit. It is usually a wire connected to the speed controller of your e-scooter. The color and location of this wire may vary from scooter to scooter, but it’s not difficult to spot for most mechanics.

Check the user manual of your scooter to see if there’s any guide to help you get rid of the speed limit or exploit the maximum speed of your e-scooter. Other options to explore would be enumerated in the successive lines.

Without a manual to guide you, you’d have to try this on your own or reach an e-scooter mechanic. Search on YouTube for how to go about disabling the wire for your specific electric scooter. All you have to do is disconnect the wire to get rid of the speed limit.

Updating your electric scooter’s software may also significantly upgrade the performance of the motor and deliver more speed. Go about it this way. Go to the settings on the mobile app to upload a different software that improves the speed of your motor.

  • Rewind or Replace the Motor

Every electric scooter motor has a K-value. The K-value or motor velocity constant (RPM/volts) is how much spin can be achieved in a motor at a certain voltage. This ultimately translates to power produced and available for work.

Too much load on the motor means a lot of heat, friction, and wear and tear to reach that spin at a given voltage. This means the life span of the motor would decline over time. The only option is to rewind the motor or get a motor with more spin at the scooter’s voltage.

Scout on to get a motor with a higher k-value. Knowing the k-value of a motor on sale is usually difficult. Your best shot is to look for the RPM/volt rating or experiment with the motor in your electric scooter.

We do not recommend rewinding your motor, but this is how to go about it. Rewinding simply reduces the winds around the armature (in the coil). You’d get improved performance but more heat and use up more current. Also, you’d accelerate slowly and experience lower torque.

  • Alter Scooter Gear

if your scooter doesn’t have its motor caged in a hub but uses a chain/belt drive as gears, there’s a way out. Get a bigger pinion (gear attached to the motor) or use a smaller cog (gear attached to the wheel) on the wheel. Both of these spare parts help you achieve more spin for a given length.

You can measure the gear’s dimension and teeth to get a fitting pinion. You can also make your cog for yourself; here’s how to do it! Ultimately you would get less torque and acceleration but achieve more maximum speed during rides.


It’s a Wrap, Guys!

Improving your motor power would not ultimately translate to more speed when you do not understand the mechanics of your electric scooter. The information contained in this article is a great way to understand electric scooters.

When you’re ready to improve the speed of your electric scooter’s motor, remember that it’s equally safe and unsafe, so drive safely. Please do not drive fast on highways or within the neighborhood.

Stay Safe!

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