Protect your electric scooter battery life
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If you’re bothered about the longevity of an electric scooter battery, then you may be wondering about the best ways to preserve your electric scooter’s battery. 

No doubt, the switch from mechanical to electric scooters is applaudable. Even more obviously so as more and more people purchase them every day. 

Nonetheless, the longevity of electric scooters, as opposed to mechanical scooters requiring fueling, has always been debated. Ideally, your electric scooter’s battery would last 2-3 years (i.e., 300-500 complete charge cycles), but poor maintenance can cut its lifespan. 

Do you want your bike to serve you longer than three years? Then protecting the battery is the way to increase its lifespan ultimately. This post discusses practical ways to protect your electric scooter’s battery and ultimately improve its life span.

Let’s get to it!


Types of Electric Scooter Battery

So that you know, there are two popular kinds of electric scooter batteries. There’s:

  • the lead-acid battery
  • the lithium-ion battery

Usually, lead-acid batteries last for at least 24 months and come with a 12 months warranty. Lithium-ion batteries last up to 5 years before needing replacement and come with a 1-2 years warranty. 

Any battery expert knows that lithium batteries are more potent and better but may be more costly than lead-acid batteries. The difference between each battery is their technology and make-up; it makes one better and more durable than the other.

If you choose to get the lead batteries, you should recharge them every 15 days, and for lithium-ion batteries, approximately once every month to keep them healthy. 

But, of course, there are other factors to consider, like the regularity of use, etc. 

Try to ensure your battery doesn’t comes below 40% and peradventure there are days you can’t keep up with that, 10% should be the minimum.

The main reason why electric scooter expensive is their battery.

How to protect your electric scooter battery life

1. Use Original Stock Charger

An original stock is the charger that comes with the electric scooter or battery. This charger should be your go-to option for charging your scooter’s battery. You don’t want to take a chance with fake chargers. Instead, use only the charger that comes with your box and purchase from an accredited retailer when you need a new charger.

A wrong, cheap or bad charger might be toxic for your scooter, ultimately reducing the lifespan of your battery. Don’t take a chance with spare chargers; the original stock is always a safer option. If you need a new battery, go to your service center and request the original charger from the manufacturers to accompany your new battery.

2. Never Overcharge and Avoid Deep Discharge

I’m aware you mean to maintain your battery by recharging when it’s low. Nonetheless, please keep your eyes on it while charging until the battery is full (green indicator shows full charge for most scooters) and unplug immediately. So often, many people plug in their batteries overnight, and of course, it’s likely going to overcharge, which is bad for the battery’s health.

To avoid overcharging, source for smart chargers to manage or trickle charge your electric scooter battery. Smart chargers have various charging modes, and some automatically cut off the power supply when your battery charges fully. Others may switch to a mode that slowly charges your battery when it’s almost full to “buy you time.”

Moving to deep discharge, what does this mean?

Deep discharge is when you use your electric scooter battery for long periods without charging it, knowing fully well that your battery needs to be recharged. It’s not only a wrong way to use your battery, but it ultimately drastically reduces your battery’s lifespan. Instead, ensure your battery is always charged, the span of time you’d be riding for(short/long) irrespective.

3. Your battery Needs as Much Cooling as it can get

High temperatures or a hot environment are bad for your scooter’s battery. As you use the scooter, heat builds up, and this is why you need to park your scooter in a shaded place with less heat. Not only should you prioritize parking your scooter in a cool and dry place, but you should also charge it when the temperature is “right,” which is the average room temperature.

Charging your scooter immediately after use or in hot weather is bad for your battery because charging builds up more heat. The only condition for which you can charge immediately after use is if the weather is cool enough to reduce the heat. A dry place prohibits damage from water when it comes in contact with battery or battery parts.

Pro tip: Charge in the evening/night when the temperature is not hot compared to the afternoon hours of the day. Simple physics shows that the circulation of air allows for cooler nights. So when it’s not summer, you can charge in the day since the environment is cold.

4. Perform Routine Maintenance

Periodically check your battery to ensure it’s clean. It’s essential to keep all battery parts clean and dry to avoid leakage. For your routine clean-up, Check the joints, terminals, connected wires, and external parts of the battery. When it’s dirty, use dry clothes to clean, getting rid of oxides, metal debris, and other forms of dirt from the terminal. Metal oxides and other debris damage your battery. This is why it should be part of your routine maintenance to get rid of them.

Never use an organic solvent or high-pressure washer with your scooter battery; it damages it. Instead, when you wash, ensure water doesn’t come in contact with your battery, the terminals, and other connective parts. Also, check that joints and terminals are correctly connected and that no details are omitted.

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A healthy battery isn’t all you need for the longevity of your electric scooter. So make it a routine to check up on the overall health of your scooter regularly.

Protecting the battery of your electric scooter is your hack to longevity. A good battery would underperform if you poorly maintain it!

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