If The Dual Motor Electric Scooter Speed So Fast, Will The Frame Be Damaged?

A damaged frame means your electric scooter is in pretty bad shape. But would a super-fast electric scooter eventually end up with a damaged frame? Hell No!

Nonetheless, you’d want to keep reading to find out how a riding fast can indirectly cost you the frame of your dual motor electric scooter. Yes, you could crash from riding so fast and damage the frame of your e-scooter.

Guess what? Not only would the frame be damaged, but you’d also be in badly injured. There’s no way you’re coming out of a crash like that without bruises and injuries (to say the least).

It’s important to mention that crashes with the electric scooter are better avoided than experienced. Unlike cars, electric scooters don’t guarantee safety when you’re involved in a crash.

Only a fatal accident would get to you as long as you’re in a car. It’s correct to say there’s a pre-requisite level of safety in a car, but there’s no safety for an e-scooter rider. You’re exposed, and any crash could harm you more than you signed up for.

Have you ever wondered….

Why are dual-motor electric scooters fast?

A dual motor electric scooter has two engines for propulsion, one in the front and one at the rear. The DC motors on either side of the engine provide the momentum and regulate these scooters’ overall speed, acceleration, power, and performance. These scooters come with advantages; they are not only fun to cruise, but they are fast.

With a dual-motor electric scooter, you can enjoy the thrill of riding in the open air. Feel the wind kiss your body as you speed off to your destination. These scooters offer higher torque and more stability on sloppy roads. They are also able to carry heavier loads than single motor scooters.

This means dual-motor electric scooters give you far more speed than is normally obtainable from most electric scooters. It also has a brake combo to ensure quick stops when necessary.

Just so you know, The brakes of your dual motor electric scooter are sometimes a function of one brake type or two. There are various brake systems used for dual electric motor scooters. They include; the mechanical and electrical brake. Overall mechanic brakes (disc brakes) are more efficient than electrical brakes.

Usually, dual scooters have brakes installed on both the front and rear. One of the brake systems is mechanical, and the other is an electrical brake.

Let’s talk about the Frames of  Your E-Scooter

A dual motor electric scooter, like an electric scooter, has simple components. The frame of a dual-motor electric scooter are the most significant component of your scooter.

Why? The frame of the dual motor electric scooter supports other components of the e-scooter. The deck you rest on while you ride seats on the frame of the e-scooter. The handlebar that allows you to make turns or manoeuvre your way around obstacles is connected to the frame too.

For some dual-motor e-scooters, the frame may support some electrical components. The frame of your electric scooter supports your entire body weight. Frames of electric scooters are designed to drive around your weight and ensure motion despite the pressure from the load.

The frame of your dual motor electric scooter is important because its strength would determine how much damage your e-scooter suffers from a crash. A weak frame wouldn’t be able to bear the impact of collisions on stronger surfaces.

Do you want to avoid a Damaged Frame?

A damaged frame means buying a new electric scooter, especially when the damage can’t be fixed. To avoid a damaged frame, do the following things:

Drive Safely

The only way you’re ending up with a damaged frame would be if you’re involved in a crash. This is the most likely scenario, so you’re better off avoiding crashes by driving safely. Ride within the safe speed limit and pay attention as you drive.

Sometimes you may want to ride with your ears plugged in, enjoying good music and scenery as you ride. Should you decide to ride with your ears plugged in, make sure, the volumes are reduced to allow you to hear your environment. Or plug only one ear and leave the other unplugged.

This may not be relevant, but you shouldn’t ride when drunk. Keep your head up, and most importantly, ride with a clear head.

Keep your head up!

We do not mean this literally. The point is to stay focused while you ride. It can be thrilling yet distracting to have a fantastic view of your surrounding as you ride.

Whenever you ride, ensure you’re focused and looking ahead to ensure there are no obstacles that can put your life and frame at risk.

This is a necessary precaution to take in very busy and bumpy terrains and when you’re on a high speed. Like with any means of transport, collisions with your dual motor scooter are usually more terrible when you’re riding at high-speed!

Watch the weather

When do you think it’s good weather to do all the tricks you like with your dual motor electric scooter or ride a high-speed?

Whatever you do, don’t ride fast in wet weather. It’s not a good time to risk your life. Check that your tires are inflated, have an excellent grip for wet weather, and don’t ride fast!

The Handlebars serve a purpose.

Perhaps one of your fantasies with your dual motor electric scooter is to ride with your hands up in the air, screaming and enjoying the thrill. Great fantasy, but you know what, it just may end badly for you.

The handlebars of your dual motor electric scooter were installed, so you have your hands on them all the time or most of the time. Unlike bicycles, bikes, and motorbikes, the dual e-scooter has smaller wheels.

Smaller wheels mean that bumpy rides, potholes, or any slight obstruction in your terrain can end badly for you (a crash or you fall). This is why we recommend that your hands are always on the handlebars to maintain your grip during rides. Things could go out of hand in a split second, and your hands on the handlebars mean you can quickly steer your dual motor e-scooter to safety.


Your dual motor electric scooter frame would not be damaged by high speed. It would only be damaged from an accident or collision while you’re on a high speed. It’s important to avoid frame damage if you want your electric scooter to remain useful.

Drive safely!

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