What are the benefits of a wide-tire dual motor electric scooter?

After the debate on the best type of tires for your electric scooter comes an even more important debate:

should you use a wide or thin tire?

What are the pros and cons of either choice and which is best for you?

Like most debates, it’s not a contest against right and wrong. Instead, it’s content against good and better. And a few times, it’s about what’s relatively good based on the prevailing situation.

Why are tires so important? 

The tires of an electric scooter are important. It accounts for traction, load management, acceleration/deceleration, grip on the road, and ease of manoeuvring your way through obstacles. For high-performing and fast electric scooters like the dual motor electric scooter, the choice of tires is significant to your ride experience. 


Clearly, the choice of tyres can be the difference between a good or bad ride experience. Let’s discuss each of the importance enumerated above:


Traction accounts for the work done by the tire to keep you from going off course on slippery roads. A traction control system manages the interaction between front and rear tires. This system ensures that stability and performance are guaranteed irrespective of the terrain and manoeuvres. 


The grip on the road: Traction and grip on the road are closely related but slightly different. No doubt, they are interested and interdependent. The latter is mechanical, and the former is physical. The grip a tire provides depends on the tire type and its tread pattern. Tires are either pneumatic or solid tires. Pneumatic tires have a good grip compared to solid tires. Still, the thread pattern on either tire can significantly boost the grip it provides.


Load management: Tires are designed to bear the weight of the dual e-scooter and the rider. The weight is distributed and spread across the front and (mostly) rear tires of the e-scooter. 

Any tire choice that doesn’t sufficiently bear the rider’s weight would cause slower rides and excessive power consumption. Compared to solid tires, pneumatic tires have better weight reception than solid tires. The absence of real-time pressure makes solid tires have low weight reception. 


Manoeuvre obstacles: For rough and bumpy rides, your tires can differentiate between a smooth riding experience and a terrible/risky ride. 

Thin tires experience more difficulty during bumpy rides or on paths with many obstacles than wide tires. Because of their wide surface area, wide tires manoeuvre obstacles better and provide stability during rough and bumpy rides, irrespective of the rough terrain. With a thin tire, an obstacle can tip you off compared to wide tires. 


Acceleration/deceleration: E-scooter tires have a small role to play in acceleration and deceleration. The best tires make decelerating easy and safe because they have a good grip. It’s the same during acceleration; the power consumption is minimal because the tire can manoeuvre its way around obstacles and support load without making a “fuss”.


Absorbing road shocks: During bumpy rides, your tires provide a cushion for the rough terrain. Depending on the type of tire and how wide, you can experience moderate to zero cushion. 

Generally, pneumatic tires provide good cushion, and wide pneumatic tires provide better cushion during bumpy rides (take note of the good and better comparison). Solid tires provide zero to no cushion; you will feel the impact of every bumpy ride when you use solid tires. 

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Thin vs Wide Electric scooter Tires

It’s important to note that neither a flat nor thin tire is bad for you. It all comes down to your preference, riding needs, and the terrain you often ply.

Your riding needs and terrain trumps preference if you want the best experience during rides.

Simply put, when choosing your dual motor electric scooter tires, you should prioritize riding needs and terrain over sheer preference.

Would you rather want a beautiful tire or a functional tire?

Trust me, a functional tire guarantees the length of your days on earth. 

Before we outline the benefits of wide tires, it is important to distinguish between wide and thin tires. Wide tires have lengthier wheel diameters and are fat.

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Thin tires have shorter wheel diameters and are physically less robust. Thinner tires are good for manoeuvring your way but not for bumpy paths or paths with many obstacles. 

The wheel size of dual motor electric scooters ranges from 6-16 inches. Every tire inscribes its diameter, width, and rim diameter.

There are three methods of making this inscription (it will come in handy when shopping for tires): two of these methods use two metrics, and the third uses three metrics. 


First Method

11 × 2.50

11 stands for outer tyre diameter.

2.50 stands for tyre width. 


Second Method


10 stands for outer tyre diameter.

3.50 stands for width/thickness. 


Third Method 

11 X 2.50-6.50 or 11/2.50-6.50

11 stands for outer tyre diameter.

2.50 stands for tyre width.

6.59 stands for rim diameter.


Benefits of a wide tire dual motor electric scooter

Wide tires are used for high-performing or high-speed electric scooters for a reason. With a wide tire dual motor electric scooter, you the following.

    1. Better traction: Stability throughout your ride, manoeuvres, and bending through corners. 
    2. Better grip, acceleration, and deceleration.
    3. Better ride experience during bumpy rides.
    4. Provides cushion and bears weight effectively during rides.
    5. It’s perfect for high-speed or high-performing electric scooters.

Some argue that wider tires add to the weight of your dual motor electric scooters. It is true, but the extra weight is good for balance during rides. The only con of wider tyres would be that it demands more power for propulsion. 

This ultimately affects the range of the electric scooter, but you wouldn’t feel it with luxury electric scooters. Luxury or high-performing electric scooters are built to meet the power demand that wide tires need to function effectively.

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Wrapping Up

Wide tires come with a lot of advantages. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that pneumatic tires are better than solid tires.

Wide solid tires may not hit the expectations this reading promotes. They are only guaranteed with pneumatic tires.

If your dual motor electric scooter doesn’t use pneumatic or wide tires, you can always change them. First, be clear on your riding needs, and purchase what works best for you. 

Enjoy your ride.

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