What is the difference between a Hub Motor and a Mid-mounted Motor?

Buying an e-bike sounds cool until you’re torn between choosing a Hub Motor or a Mid-mounted motor. Either way, it doesn’t have to be a tough decision to make. In this article, we explain how each of these motors work and their differences.

What are the reason for choosing a long rnage electric scooter

Have you been thinking about getting a long-range electric scooter without success? With many brands of scooters in the market, choosing a long-range electric scooter can be very challenging. 

Moreso, many people choose the long-range electric scooter for many reasons. 

If you’re getting a scooter for the first time, choosing a long-range electric scooter is your best bet.    

Long-range electric scooters are the best because they’re great for long-range distances or long mileage of operation. This way, you will get the best out of your ride.

What are the best long range electric scooter?

The best long range electric scooter in the market are:

    1. Fidico Black Knight
    2. Hiboy Titan Pro
    3. Joyor S5
    4. SISGAD YD101

Below is the honest review with hand tested experience of the best high range e-scooter

What’s so special about e-bike motors?

Everything! It’s the difference between being content with your bike and feel you made a terrible choice. It becomes worse when you find out the price at which you bought your bike could get you a better performing bike that best suits your needs.

No motor is ill luck; it all depends on your needs and what you want. People who are naïve about the spec of their bikes are pretty satisfied with any level of performance. An e-bike’s motor is important as it determines the power consumed, acceleration, speed, hill climbing ability, and durability of your bike.

Hub-Motors are popular

If you are an ardent follower of this blog, you will have come across hub motors a few times. Hub motors directly channel power generated from electric bikes/scooters to the wheel. The mechanism for motion is enclosed between the hub of the front or rear wheel (sometimes both). The motor converts the electrical power generated into mechanical motion in the bike’s wheel. Hub-motors are brushless DC motors; they work in a way that reduces friction and provides more power for your wheel during motion.

Hub motors are either geared or gearless. Gearless motors automatically drive motion without needing alternating gear systems. Still, geared systems require a gear control for acceleration per time. One disadvantage of a geared system is the power loss as friction between changing gears. Nonetheless, they have better hill climbing ability.

Hub motors cannot work with gear systems, especially with the rear wheel, except you’re buying one with a pinion gearbox.

Mid-Mounted Motors

Mid-mounted motors work differently from hub motors, but each has pros and cons. From the name of the motor, you can tell how it works. Where would mid-mounted motors be if hub motors were in the wheel’s hub?

You guessed right; these motors are mounted at an equal distance from the front and rear wheels. Typically, manufacturers mount them in the middle of your e-bike and generate power for motion in this position. Rather than the wheels, this motor transmits power through chain rings. Through a pedal-assist system, you multiply power when you pedal your e-bike to cause motion.

Put simply, when you pedal your e-bike, a mid-mounted motor multiplies the power generated by your cranks and makes it easy for you to pedal!

Do they share any similarities?

Mid-mounted motors and hub motors share some similarities. These similarities would help you better understand their framework. Let’s get to it!

  • Either of these motors can be used with a pedal assist or throttle. Pedal assists and throttles are mechanisms of motion in an e-bike (just like you have it on a bicycle or bike). While pedalling causes the motor to generate motion, throttle causes motion whether or not you’re pedalling.
  • Recall the comparison between brushless DC motors and Brushed DC motors? While brushed DC motors are loud and lose a lot of power as friction during the transmission of electrical energy, Brushless DC motors are more efficient and quieter when they work. Hub motors and mid-mounted motors are all brushless DC motors.
  • Both mid-mounted motors and hub motors have great range and speed. The higher the amp hour (Ah) rating, the better the range. The range is primarily affected by the battery capacity of the e-bike, amongst other factors.

Other factors that can interfere with the range include the rider’s weight, terrain, the extent of pedalling, weather, poor bike maintenance, extra load, throttle usage, etc.

Differences between both motors

The differences we discuss would slightly cut across the pros and cons that can inform your purchase decision. Again, either motor is good, depending on your needs.

Weight distribution

Mid-mounted motors have a balanced distribution of weight compared to hub motors. The motor placed at an almost equal distance to the front and rear wheel ensures equal distribution of weight.

Hub motors do not have a balanced weight distribution because they attach the motors to either the front or rear wheel (thus adding more weight). Hub motors may need to figure a way around balancing the weight while they ride.

Framework and Mechanics

The major difference between a hub and a mid-mounted motor is where the motor sits. Manufacturers enclose the former within the front or rear wheel, while mid-mounted motors rest on your bike’s bottom bracket. They can easily instal hub motors on the front or rear wheel, but mid-mounted motors would require that you replace your bike parts. They require special frames and more installations compared to hub motors.

Except it’s a pinion gearbox, rear wheel hub motors do not work great with geared motors! Based on the design of mid-mounted motors, they do not operate independently of your gears. Your pedalling directly affects the motion of your front/rear wheels.


Hub motors use cadence sensors, while mid-mounted motors use torque sensors. On the first examination, you’d think cadence sensors are better until you realize they only provide basic level pedal assist.

Torque motors use an intuitive and dynamic system that tracks the pedal effort and deliver maximum power depending on the prevailing needs. The pedal assist works in a way that multiplies power and provides a boost for motion. This means you’d find them easily adaptable to your riding needs, irrespective of the terrain, without cycling hard.

Choosing either a Hub or Mid-mounted Motor

Neither the hub motor nor the mid-mounted motor is superior to each other. Nonetheless, the pros and cons can inform your buying decision. It is important to note that these differences are generic. Some pros and cons may not be applicable when considering specific models of either hub motors or mid-mounted motors.

Let’s get to the pros and cons of both motors.  

  • Mid-mounted e-bikes need more installations compared to hub motors. This means you’d spend more to purchase or install mid-mounted motors compared to hub motors. Also, hub motors are enclosed within the wheel, so there’s little or no maintenance required when using them.
  • Mid-mounted motors are considered a luxury; this means they are more expensive than their counterpart (hub motors). If the bike is pricy, it is most likely an electric bike with a mid-mounted motor. Hub motors are less pricy because they are simple to produce, but their counterparts are more complex. The price has no major significance on the quality of either bike.
  • Hub motors can also rely on battery power should the motion mechanism break down, but the same cannot be said of mid-mounted motors. You will be stuck if anything goes wrong with the mechanism of mid-mounted motors.
  • Mid-mounted motors are difficult to disentangle should you need to perform thorough repairs or maintenance routines. If you’re a fan of DIY, performing repairs will come with a lot of hassle.
  • Owing to the efficient mechanics of mid-mounted motors, they have better ranges. Their gear system, combined with their motors, allows you to achieve longer ranges than hub motors.

The ball is in your court

Which would it be? Whether it’s a hub motor or a mid-mounted motor, you now know enough not to feel any regret about your purchase.

Good Luck!

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