What’s The Maximum Speed Of A 60V High-Speed Electric Scooter?

The maximum speed of most electric scooters rated 60V falls between 40-50MPH. Depending on the manufacturer and the mechanics of your bike, the maximum speed may differ from brand to brand. Irrespective, you’d get a maximum speed above 40MPH.

Have you ever wondered why these scooters are called high-performance beasts? Apart from being ultra-modern with the best tech, they are dual-motor scooters. While 350W motors power basic electric scooters, some of these high-speed electric scooters have up to 2500-4000W motor power.

Let’s learn more about these electrically powered machines!

What are dual-motor electric scooters?

Most of these high-speed electric scooters are dual-motor electric scooters with sufficient power for high maximum speed. A dual motor electric scooter has two engines for propulsion, one in the front and one at the rear.

The DC motors on either side of the engine provide the momentum and regulate these scooters’ overall speed, acceleration, power, and performance. These scooters come with advantages; they are not only fun to cruise, but they are fast.

With a dual-motor electric scooter, you can enjoy the thrill of riding in the open air. Feel the wind kiss your body as you speed off to your destination. These scooters offer higher torque and more stability on sloppy roads. They are also able to carry heavier loads than single motor scooters.

This means dual-motor electric scooters give you far more speed than usually is obtainable from most electric scooters. It also has a brake combo to ensure quick stops when necessary.

Just so you know, The brakes of your dual motor electric scooter are sometimes a function of one brake type or two. There are various brake systems used for dual electric motor scooters. They include; the mechanical and electrical brake. Overall mechanic brakes (disc brakes) are more efficient than electrical brakes.

Usually, dual scooters have brakes installed on both the front and rear. One of the brake systems is mechanical, and the other is an electrical brake.

More the mechanics of these high-performance beasts

Apart from being brushless DC motors and using two motors, most of these scooters are gearless hub motors. There are two types of brushless DC motors; we have geared and gearless motors.

Interesting right? Hub motors are brushless DC motors installed in the hub of your E-scooters wheel. It’s the most recent technology for motion used in modern electric scooters to the hub of the wheels of your scooter.

Why is the motor placed in your e-scooters wheel hub? Because that’s where it directly converts electrical energy into mechanical energy for the movement of your scooter’s wheel. Hub motors being brushless DC motors are efficient and produce relatively silent sound.

Hub motors are either geared or gearless. The former uses a gear system to control the acceleration of the electric scooter, and the latter doesn’t use a gear. The disadvantage of the gear system is that significant power that would have been used for motion is lost as friction, heat, or wear and tear of the machine.

Nonetheless, geared hub motors have better acceleration and hill-climbing ability than their counterparts. How then does the gearless system work? It uses an electromagnetic system to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy for motion. Its acceleration is slower than geared hub motors, but the speed build-up is consistent as you ride.

Gearless hub motors also come with more weight compared to geared hub motors. The good news is that the extra weight is good for the stability of most high-performance electric scooters.

The regenerative brakes system is a consolation for gearless hub motors’ slower acceleration. This allows the motor to store up the energy required to bring your scooter to a stop. The energy stored is then used to fire up the motor back to speed after acceleration.

Perks of High-speed Electric Scooters

Better Tech

These high-performance beasts, as they are called, are roadworthy. Apart from better acceleration and maximum speed incomparable to their counterpart, they feature ultra-modern parts and technology.

Better Tires

Even better, depending on your need, various manufacturers have different designs for these electric scooters. Some of them feature sturdy pneumatic tires to provide enough grip irrespective of the weather.

Better Batteries

Because these machines are designed to provide lots of power and speed, they have the best batteries. Most electric scooters use lithium-ion batteries as a source of power because they are lightweight, efficient, durable, and have a long life span.

The batteries are set up in a cell configuration to ensure the best life span for every full-cycle charge. Individual cells are organized into packs to form a battery management system to ensure maximum efficiency.

Bigger battery packs mean more motor power for your dual motor electric scooter. It also means an extended range for these scooters during rides. Surprisingly, not all these electric scooters are heavyweight. The bulk of them are relatively light, and some are lightweight despite their motor power designs.

Longer Range

Better batteries mean more range. Your electric scooter would be able to serve you for long and travel long distances. The overall experience with high-power electric scooters amplifies what you get from the regular e-scooters.

Examples of High-power Electric Scooters

High-power electric scooters are expensive. Some of them cost as much as $5000, but the overall experience is incomparable to what you get from basic electric scooters. If you love electric scooters and seek more than you get from basic e-scooters, it’s a worthy investment.

Some of the best high-speed dual-motor electric scooters in the market include Fidico black knight, Bluetran Lightning, Dualtron City, EVOLV Corsa,  Dualtron Achilleus, Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro, Speedway 5, VSETT 10+, Fidico lightspeed knight, Dualtron Eagle Pro, INOKIM OXO, Dualtron Compact, and Dualtron Victor electric Scooter.

Bringing it to a close

60V High-speed electric scooters have a maximum speed between 40-50MPH depending on the manufacturer. This is more than you can get from basic electric scooters.

You do not need to reach the maximum speed to enjoy the thrill of riding since these scooters are averagely faster than basic scooters.

Enjoy your ride!

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