How to change the tire of a high-speed electric scooter.

So for a reason or two, you need to change your tires, and you’re inexperienced about changing tires. Quit worrying; we have your back.

People change the tires of their electric scooters for various reasons. Reasons range from trying a different tire to puncture/worn-out tires. It’s important to note that different tires may require different replacement techniques. Nonetheless, the overall principle is the same.

Electric scooters vs High-speed electric scooters

High-speed electric scooters are a kind of electric scooter built for speed and rough terrains. It’s faster than the average electric scooter and pricey too. The odds are high that high-speed electric scooters are dual motor electric scooters.


Dual-motor electric scooters use two motors, one at the front and the other at the rear. Compared to electric scooters, dual motor electric scooters are supplied with power (driving force) on both the rear and front tires. Other electric scooters only supply power to the front or rear tires. 

Brushless DC motors feature modern tech compared to brushed DC motors, make less noise, and are powerful. The motors used for these high-speed electric scooters are also powerful. Usually, it’s a brushless DC motor with more efficiency and power than is obtainable in average motors. 

Logically, anyone will expect that high-speed electric scooters use pneumatic tires, but this is not always true. Depending on the manufacturer’s intent, a high-speed electric scooter can use solid or pneumatic tires. 

Solid tires are usually used for electric scooters that ply smooth paths and pneumatic tires for rough terrains. Beside these using wide tires has also lot’s of benefit.

Pneumatic Vs Solid Tires

Pneumatic tires are common; think of what you see in the cars or bicycles all around; those are pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires are either tubed or tubeless. Tubed pneumatic tires have an inner tube, and tubeless has no tube. 

While the tube needs to be inflated to get the outer tire in shape for tubed tires, tubeless tires are inflated to fill the vacuum between the wheel and the outer tire (without a tube). Vacuum seals between the wheel and the tire trap the air and keep tires inflated. 

Solid tires are made from rubber or solid polyurethane, making them strong and hard. Compared to pneumatic tires, they don’t have air pressure in them. 

You can use solid tires for a long time without worrying about puncture or deflated tires. Solid tires are either air pockets or filled solid tires. 

As earlier said, the type of tires you use sets the pace for how to change it. Generally, pneumatic tubed tires would require a bit of dirty work. In contrast, tubeless pneumatic tires and solid tires are easy to change. 

Usually, solid tires require a total replacement of the wheel and tire together. You can change tubeless pneumatic tires without changing the wheel, but you’d need to get dirty. 

What actually gets punctured or deflated in tubed pneumatic tires is the inner tube. You must detach the wheel from the outer tyre and reach for the inner tube. 

You wouldn’t need to change the external tire until it is severely worn out. Changing a bad tube is the most change you will make. 


Changing your high-speed electric scooter tire

The same principle works for changing tires of electric scooter tires and the same tools. Tools you will need to change your electric scooter tire include a small screwdriver set, rotary tool, tyre levers, spanner set, pump to inflate tires, and a wrench or Allen key set.

Also, during this change, you will need an inner tube for tube pneumatic tires or new tires for tubeless and solid tires. Now set your electric scooter in a position that allows you to reach the front and rear tires without hassle. Make sure the position is fixed and your scooter rests firmly.

Take the following steps to change the tires of your high-speed electric scooter

Step 1: Remove the Wheel

To remove the wheel, use a wrench or Allen key to reach out for the nuts on the left and right sides of the tire. If you look closely at the tire, you’d observe that these nuts attach the wheel to the electric scooter. Only focus on the nuts, don’t touch any wires or electronic connections attached to the rear or front tires. 

Different e-scooters have different nuts; you can expect to find axle bolts, brake lever springs, front axle nuts, and more. Again, you don’t have to use a wrench; any tool that does it best from the list above is fine. Ensure that all the nuts you remove are kept in a safe place around your work area. 

Step 2: Reach for the tire

Depending on your tire, you can reach for the tire after dislodging the attachment with the scooter. For people who use solid tires, you can remove the tire and fix your new tires at this point.

For tubed pneumatic tires, it’s the start of the dirty work. First, you deflate the tires, so it’s easy to remove, and then you make way for the tube. Change the tube and prepare to re-inflate the tires.

For tubeless pneumatic tires, the dirty work is detaching the tire from the e-scooter and then detaching the wheel from the tires. If you look around the wheel, you will find where the wheel is attached to the vacuum sealants. Unscrew the attachment, and you can change the tire effortlessly. 

Step 3: Re-inflate the tires and tie nuts

For tubeless pneumatic, attach the vacuum sealants and wheels to the tire, and screw them in their correct position. Next, attach the tires back to the e-scooter. Now that you have successfully changed tires, rinse and repeat what you did at the start in reverse order. 

The process is pretty simple for solid tires. After changing the wheel, attach them back through their screws to the electric scooter. Return every nut you unscrewed to get this far to its proper position.

People who use tubed pneumatic tires should inflate the tires and ensure no leakage between the wheel and the outer tyre.

Next, put all loose screws in their proper place, and attach the entire tire back to the e-scooter. It’s that simple!

Wrapping it Up

Changing tires of e-scooters is pretty simple but may be very technical, depending on your e-scooter type. If you encounter any difficulty or think it’s too complex to kick off on your own, then you should hire the services of an e-scooter mechanic.

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