What are the Most Important Parts of a Dual Motor Electric Scooter?

Take a look at your dual motor electric scooter; it looks simple right? Yes, but many parts ensure your e-scooter works effectively.

Parts of an electric scooter include batteries, handlebars, brakes, controller, deck, motors, lights, stem, suspension, and tires, amongst others.

Of course, all parts are important.

All parts of a dual-motor electric scooter work hand in hand to ensure optimal performance. So, they are all important.

Nonetheless, some parts are termed “important” because they are the most crucial consideration before purchasing a dual-motor electric scooter. Sometimes they are the most visible features or parts that require routine maintenance if your dual motor electric scooter would live through to its possible life span.

The important parts of a dual-motor scooter would be the battery, motors, tire, brakes, and handlebar.

Let’s talk about these parts a bit


The motor of an electric scooter accounts for the speed and acceleration of the e-scooter.

Dual motor electric scooters have motors directly connected to the wheel in front and rear. This is why they are faster than basic electric scooters. There’s a motor to power both rear and front wheels.

Most dual-motor electric scooters use a brushless DC hub motor which could be geared or gearless. Geared motors convert the electrical energy supplied into mechanical energy by causing motion in the wheel through a gear system. This means they are ideally less powerful when compared to gearless hub motors.

Nonetheless, geared hub motors have quicker acceleration, better hill climbing ability, and more extended range when compared to gearless hub motors. The gear system causes wear and tear, and this means costly maintenance. Also, power is lost through friction from the transmission in the gear system.

More motor power means more speed and acceleration for your dual motor electric scooter. So you can tell which dual-motor e-scooter would be faster from the motor power (not always accurate depending on some variables).


The battery of your dual motor electric scooter is another vital part. A bad battery would mess up the overall performance of your scooter.

Because the battery is the power source for your electric scooter (which is then converted to mechanical energy), it’s indispensable that you buy a scooter with great batteries.

Most e-scooters either use a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery. For the record, lithium-ion batteries are the best for your dual motor electric scooter.

Lithium manganese nickel (LiNiMnCoO2), aka INR, NMC, is commonly used for scooters. It’s the best in that it gives high capacity and output current. Manganese, in its chemistry, drastically reduces internal resistance. This means lower odds of fire or overheating.

Generally, lithium-ion batteries are preferred to lead-acid batteries because they are lightweight, have better output, store more energy, are cheaper, and have a longer life span.

Lithium-ion batteries feature ultra-modern battery tech compared to lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are heavy and don’t store enough energy relative to their weight. They are primarily used in electric scooters for children.

Battery packs are how dual-motor electric scooters are powered. Individual cells are arranged in a brick-like structure to get a battery pack. One battery cell has an electric potential of 3.6 volts and is rated 9.4 watts/hour (equal to 2.6 A.h).

A Battery management system controls the overall circuit and flow of current. This is how your dual electric scooter battery rating arrives at 36 V, 48 V, 52 V, and 60V batteries. By setting up each of these batteries, the individual voltage and capacities are multiplied.

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Dual motor electric scooters use two brakes, one is a mechanical brake (disc brake), and the other is an electrical (regenerative brake).

There are two types of brake systems; mechanical brakes and electric brakes. Mechanical brakes can either be disc brakes, drum brakes or foot brakes.

The disc brake is the best mechanical brake and is used to make sure users can halt their e-scooter as fast as possible. Because dual-motor electric scooters are fast, they need swift brakes.

One brake is installed in front and another at the rear like the motors.


The tire of your dual motor electric scooter is important. It could be the difference between a safe ride and a crash. Tires give us enough grip in wet weather and bear the weight/load your electric scooter bears during motion.

There are two dual-motor e-scooter tires: Pneumatic (air-filled) tires and solid (airless) tires. Pneumatic tires can either be tubeless or inner tube tires. Solid tires can either be air pockets or filled tires.

Pneumatic tube tires are the best choice. Others are not so easy to maintain. Pneumatic tube tires are like the ones on your bicycle. The tubes are inside the tire, so to fix a puncture, you need to remove the rims of your tire.

Solid tires are made from a plastic-like material. They never get deflated but get worn out as you use them over time.

The handlebar

The handlebar is for support, grip, and control while riding your bicycle and bikes. This part of the dual motor electric scooter is making it to the list of essential parts because without it, crashes are inevitable.

As you ride your dual motor electric scooter, always ensure your hands are on the handlebar. Any pothole or obstacle in your terrain can cause a crash with your hands off the handlebar.

The handlebar gives you control and prevents you from falling during bumpy or fast rides. It’s a necessary safety precaution always to have your hand on the handlebar while you ride.


Suspension is found in many high-performance beast electric scooters. It’s an elastic framework to support your deck while you ride. Some electric scooters have suspension; most do not.

When your scooter bounces during fast rides, the suspension gives you enough stability by padding your deck with elastic materials. Imagining jumping on a bed that’s precisely the feeling you get with a suspension installed in your dual motor electric scooter.

Wrapping it Up

Brakes, motor, handlebar, batteries, and tires are termed important parts because you must consider them whenever you purchase an electric scooter.

These important parts of a dual-motor electric scooter also require routine maintenance to maintain optimal performance, prevent mechanical or electrical dysfunction, and avoid crashes during rides.

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